Best Casino Hotels in the World

Most tourists and travelers in their holidays appreciate two things most: a comfortable place for their temporary accommodation, namely a hotel or a hotel, as well as interesting and exciting entertainment that will certainly be remembered for life. In this case, the best options are those institutions and complexes that seamlessly combine high-class hotels and interesting casinos. In this regard, in recent decades, casino hotels have become particularly popular among tourists around the world. At the moment there are many such complexes around the world, but even among them, there are hotel complexes with casinos, which amaze with its scale and splendor of even the most experienced players and travelers.

Hotel Casino Bellagio in Las Vegas

A number of such hotels-casinos are located in the world gambling “mecca” – Las Vegas. The leading position among them is a magnificent hotel – entertainment complex Bellagio. This complex got its name after the famous European resort Bellagio. It is in this complex that one of the best casinos of the world scale is located. Guests of the gambling house are offered such gambling games as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker. Among other things, there are a lot of slot machines from and slots. It is in the casino Bellagio regularly held the most prestigious poker tournament World Poker Classic world level. The Bellagio Hotel itself has 3933 rooms, including several dozen suites and two royal rooms. In addition, the hotel has 17 restaurants with different cuisines of the world, 6 bars, many boutiques and shops, a magnificent botanical garden. It is in Bellagio that a huge circus hall works, where the world-famous Cirque du Soleil circus regularly performs. The gem of the Bellagio complex is a chic light and music fountain, which is located right in front of the facade of the central building.

The Red Rock Casino

The Red Rock Casino is also a fashionable resort. It is one of the most attractive casinos in Las Vegas. Even the distance from the center more than 10 km does not prevent the prosperity of the institution. Tourists, like locals, love to visit this place not only for playing but because of the opportunity to see the beauty of the Red Mountains nearby.

The casino has thousands of slot machines, dozens of tables for various kinds of card games. There are also separate rooms for VIP clients, where the stakes are very high. If guests are not keen on playing, they can spend time in a fabulous hotel, restaurants, at the spa, in a swimming pool, bowling alley or fitness center.

The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas is a beautiful two-level casino where any avid player will have a lifetime of experience. It’s a place for people who respect gaming traditions. Until recently Downtown Casino was located here. It has been rebuilt in a modern but classic style at the same time.

The ground floor is designed for people who like gaming tables, slot machines, blackjack and the like. On the second floor are vintage slot machines with coins and many other retro devices. As additional pleasures, in addition to the actual games for the guests, there is a wonderful hotel and restaurant complex.

Encore Las Vegas

Elegance and unique atmosphere are what makes Encore Las Vegas a special place to spend money. Fun and excitement reigns on tens of thousands of square meters of space. Visitors can play blackjack or roulette, bet on their favorite horse or team and watch the competition on a huge screen.

In Encore Las Vegas the players at 95 tables, sitting next to each other, make the atmosphere of the club united and friendly. Games that are sure to be lucky:

  • blackjack,
  • European roulette,
  • three-card poker and many other exciting games.

Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace Casino is famous for various things and this place is really amazingly attractive. Located on the west side of the main street of Vegas, the casino, created in the style of the Roman Empire, attracts tourists from around the world. Visitors will enjoy their favorite games. Caesars Palace is one of the largest and best places for people looking for big winnings.

Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden is one of the world’s favorite pilgrimage destinations for players along with Las Vegas, Monaco and Macau. The “Summer Capital of Europe” has always been considered a health and thermal resort, but over time it has acquired another status. This was primarily due to the opening of the legendary casino, which has remained exceptional for almost 200 years. Today, it is not only a historical treasure of the city, but also almost the best casino in Germany and the whole Europe. At one time Marlene Dietrich could not refrain from complimenting the gaming house, calling it the most beautiful casino in the world. And Fedor Dostoevsky honored the casino, leaving behind the game fees received for books.

The nine gorgeous halls of the casino still have memories of the old days, when they were walked around by noblemen, fashionable ladies and celebrities. And even modern slot machines, which could destroy the scenery of the past, are put in a separate building, which used to be a railway station. Mostly in Baden-Baden, they play roulette. In addition, there are card games like blackjack and poker, the last few years in the historic casino, in a separate room is a game of Texas poker.

Casino Baden-Baden is open from 14.00 to 2.00 on weekdays and 3.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. On holidays and other significant dates the gambling house is closed. From 10.00 there are daily excursions for tourists. On average one tour lasts 30 minutes, it can be conducted in several languages, including Russian.

Whether you like gambling or not, a visit to the casino Baden-Baden will always be interesting and informative.